a) How will the purchased stamps reach the buyer?

     By registered mail           

  • What type of packaging is used for Registered Mail?
    • Posta Uganda reserves the rights on the type packaging to use.
    • The registered mail shall bear the complete names and delivery information of both the sender and recipient.
    • Padded, plastic, self-sealing or glossy-coated envelopes may be used
    • Must be sealed with glue, plain paper tape, or cloth tape. The fee and postage may be paid with ordinary stamps, meter stamps, or permit imprints
  • What is the estimated delivery time for Registered Mail?
    Due to the higher level of security placed on this mail class, it is possible that the Registered Mail process could slow the speed at which a mail travels but you may receive your mail within a minimum of 14 working days from the day of posting.


b) Registered Mail Inquiries

What form should I fill out regarding an inquiry about a Registered Mail item?

    • To file an inquiry for a registered item both domestic and international, you should use a P111 form found on our website www.ugapost.post, or emailing us at customercare@ugapost.co.ug, or visiting the post office nearest to you.
    • You will need to provide proof by submitting your online receipt.


    c) What is the Liability of Postal Administration in case of loss or damage.

    • If a registered item is lost, totally rifled or totally damaged, the owner is entitled to an indemnity of 30SDR. The indemnity for loss of a parcel is 40 SDR and 4.50 SDR per kilogram. This is irrespective of the contents in both the registered letter and parcel. Please note that compensation will only be done after a thorough investigation is done by both the sending and receiving administrations. Only genuine claims for compensation will be settle in Ugandan shillings at the prevailing US Dollar rate.
    •  What is the recipient's liability.
      The recipient of an item shall be liable for any damage caused to other postal items due to the dispatch of an article for conveyance or the non-observance of the conditions of acceptance. The sender shall remain liable event if the office of posting accepts to convey a prohibited item. Inquiries shall be entered within a period of six months from the day of posting. (This goes for registered mail and parcels only).